How to earn with Ouro
The following interpretation shows a few ways users can benefit and profit using Ouro.

OURO holders can stake OURO to earn OGS with a 3-month vesting for rewards. One will lose 50% of the rewards to other stakers if he chose to withdraw before the vesting period ends.

Liquidity Providers of
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can stake their PancakeSwap LP tokens on the platform and earn OGS rewards.
This is the second biggest source of rewards in the ecosystem.

Due to the platform's unique collateralization and rebasing mechanism, the single token value of OURO will slowly appreciate against the USD.
If one is to form any stable/volatile LP tokens (such as BUSD/BNB, USDC/ETH, etc.), which is the foundation of many DeFi applications we use today, the user will only benefit from using OURO instead of other depreciating assets.

Although the single token value of OURO is anchored in the value of the assets in the Reserve Pool, OURO's price on secondary markets can still deviate from the Default Exchange Price due to trading activities.
So if you wish to acquire or sell OURO on PancakeSwap or any other platform for convenience (instead of buying/selling OURO via the platform's Reserve Pool directly), arbitrage between the secondary market and the Reserve Pool first.

Users can stake supported assets (BNB, BTCB, and ETH) in the yield farming pool to earn OGS rewards, as well as (a little) OURO.

This is a placeholder for use cases Ouro will have in the future.
The proposed future use cases include the issuance of synthetic assets, OURO-based lending, and private transactions, in which both OURO and OGS will be integrated.
We encourage all community member to participate in the discussion and implementation of new use cases and will reward heavily anyone who contribute in this process.
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