Ouro Governance Share (OGS)

The Ouro Governance Share (OGS) plays a vital part in the Ouro ecosystem.

Its price of OGS will grow naturally when the Reserve Pool contains more value. The token will also form the first line of defense when the Reserve Pool contains insufficient collateral.

Written in its name, the OGS token also represents voting power in the system.

After the platform launch, the primary objective for Ouro would be to make sure everything works in the correct ways and to eliminate risks for attacks. At this stage, we believe it would be more beneficial for the core team to act quickly without an on-chain decision-making process.

Afterward, when the community and the core team both think the project is on the right track, building on-chain voting features for Ouro will be prioritized. OGS token holders will be able to vote on things like the general direction of the project, new features to build, partnerships to form, core team members to hire/fire, new assets to support, system parameters, etc.

If by any chance, the core team wasn't able to execute the voted decision, OGS holders should feel free to liquidate their tokens, or simply fork and improve the project.

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