Moving Forward

The end goal for Ouro is to create a better store of value compared to all assets currently available and provide a vehicle that everyday mom&pups can use to protect themselves against fiat inflation with little to no effort. After the initial launch of Ouro v0.1, the team will continue to foster the following aspects of the project.

1 - A balanced basket of assets

  1. Inclusion of more mainstream crypto assets

  2. Inclusion of inverse index synthetic assets

  3. Inclusion of synthetic assets pegged to stocks and commodities

2 - Hive intelligence

  1. Formation of project operations, marketing, and technical chat groups to allow direct community participation in Ouro’s development

  2. Launch of on-chain community governance

3 - Better user experience

  1. Allowing users to deposit stablecoins (such as BUSD) to acquire OURO.

  2. Launch of Ouro Info to make key platform parameters accessible to everyone.

4 - More use case for both OURO and OGS

  1. Listed on major CEXs for convenience

  2. Lending product with OURO and OGS integration

  3. Synthetic asset product with OURO and OGS integration

  4. Conduct research on enabling private transactions for OURO

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