Single Token Staking

For the first year, users can stake BNB, ETH, and BTCB to earn free OURO. Assets deposited will be transferred to our yield farming contract which utilizes Venus. Yield from Venus will be transferred to the reserve pool when the user claims it, and OURO of equivalent value will be minted thereafter to the user. Users can withdraw any asset staked with no cost imposed by Ouro the platform.

Since XVS is not one of our initially supported assets, if we indeed receive any rewards in XVS, they will be sent to PancakeSwap to purchase supported assets (say if a user stakes BNB, but the reward comes as both BNB and XVS, XVS will be swapped to BNB).

Stakers will also receive additional rewards claimable in OGS, respectively: BNB Pool - 0.1 OGS per block

ETH Pool - 0.1 OGS per block

BTCB Pool - 0.2 OGS per block

If we assume a 3 second block time on BSC, 0.4*[(60/3)*60*24] = 11,520 OGS in total would be minted and distributed to staking pools of these 3 assets per day.

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